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Modern Language Overview

Modern Language

The Modern Language Program at Terra Linda High School is based on communication while emphasizing grammar and structure. Using the communicative approach, the students learn to invite, inform, inquire, exclaim, agree, disagree, compliment, express emotion, and opinions and exchange basic information. These communicative purposes, or functions, in turn, determine the selection and the amount of vocabulary and grammar that the students need to learn. A variety of activities are used to promote learning and application of the language, ultimately leading students to function with increasing proficiency in many new situations. The curriculum and materials align with the National Standards for Foreign Language (for more information see the Crosswalk with the Common Core Standards) keeping in mind the “Five C’s”: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities. As students progress through our program, we seek to perfect the student’s fluency in the target language and increase their ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts both written and orally. Students will study the authentic literature of the world of the target language. Through the selected readings, students will be introduced to the six themes of the new AP Language and Culture Standards. Authentic communicative exchanges shall be promoted. Students will learn to provide, obtain and interpret information. The program shall also stress cultural competency, expanding the ability to connect language through culture.

Here is a summary of the Modern Language department program.

Crosswalk with the Common Core Standards.

High school graduation requirement 2 years of high school language
* UC and CSU require 2 years would like to see 3 years
State Seal of Biliteracy requires 4 years of high school language or passing the AP
Sample Language sequences at TLHS

Example 1:
French or Spanish 1P → French or Spanish 2P → French or Spanish 3P  → French or
Spanish 4P

Example 2:
French or Spanish 2P → French or Spanish 3P → French or Spanish 4P  → French or
Spanish AP

Example 3:
French or Spanish 2H → French or Spanish 3H  → French4/AP or Spanish 4H  →
French 4/AP or Spanish AP

Example 4:
Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 → Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 → Spanish for
Spanish Speakers  → Spanish AP

Waiver Information for Honors Courses

Course Waiver Form