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There are thousands of private scholarship foundations - some are listed below - while there are also a number of trusted, centralized search engines, including FastWeb, scholarships.comCollege Board, and 10,000 Degrees.  Note, you should never pay a fee to apply for scholarships, or to be part of a scholarship search engine/company!

Also, always double-check deadlines, especially if it requires a hard copy to be mailed: is the deadline the received-by date, or the sent-by date?

Lastly, know that scholarships are not just free money given out to anyone who asks.  They will have certain requirements, such evidence of substantial community service and volunteering; hardships overcome; leadership; excellence in an academic subject; a proven track record of academic success which demonstrates your potential to succeed in college; letters of recommendation from teachers or adult supervisors that testify to your personal qualities and strengths; or one or more essays.  Many also have minimum GPA's.  As such, prepare for this as early as 9th grade, so that when you apply for scholarships as a senior, you have those factors in hand and are a strong applicant!

Specific Scholarships


Terra Linda Rotary Scholarship:  Application  Awards: various amounts, total awarded $8,000.  Who: Terra Linda High School Senior students planning on attending a college, university, or vocational school.  Factors:  academic success, community service and financial need. Deadline:  March 29, 2024.