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Throughout the year, free academic tutoring is available to any student in need. To request a peer or adult tutor, complete this form or email our Teacher Librarian, Kendra Rose at

The library's tutors are volunteers and the service is free; but our tutoring is not part of a mandated program, and shares the limitations of all volunteer programs. Priority is given to students struggling in a particular math, science, or language class. Available slots fill up early in the school year, so early sign-up is encouraged. 

Because of high demand, students are customarily limited to one hour of tutoring per week.  

Our tutors are experts in their fields. Adult tutors are former HS teachers, college professors, engineers, PhDs; and all have been carefully pre-screened by the Marin County School Volunteers (MCSV). We also have peer tutors from TL who excel at math and science. 

Students who use our services must understand the importance of keeping their appointments, and notify tutors in advance if there is a cancellation. If there are two no-shows (without notice) in a semester, a student will be dropped.

We encourage students to take advantage of this popular program and look forward to meeting you.