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There are multiple options availabe for students needing tutoring in an academic subject. See our Library website for more information about tutoring resources. For more information or specific requests, please email Teacher Librarian, Kendra Rose at

Brainfuse – available for free through the California State Library! See this Brainfuse demo video for more information about how it works. Request a Minga pass during Tutorial to get help from Ms. Rose in the Innovation Hub. 

  • 24/7 live online help from expert tutors
  • Writing Lab – receiving targeted feedback on your writing within 24 hours
  • Language Lab – Live help for langauge learners

In-Person Tutoring – Email with your name, grade leve, and subject, or come see Ms. Rose in the Hub. Limited spaces availble

  • Tutors are experts in their fields. Adult tutors are former HS teachers, college professors, engineers, PhDs; and all have been carefully pre-screened by the Marin County School Volunteers (MCSV). 
  • Most tutoring occurs in the library during tutorial or after school