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Mathematics Pathways

  • This is a picture describing the 4-year math pathways
    These represent our most common, but not all of the math pathways we offer.

Accelerating in Math at TL: 

Students who take Algebra 1 in 9th grade may want to double enroll in Geometry and Algebra 2 in 10th grade to reach Calculus their senior year. This pathway replaces our “Double-Block Alg 2/Pre-Calc Class” and is available to 9th graders who pass Algebra 1 with at least one A at the semester or higher. If you are interested in double enrolling in Geometry and Algebra 2, please speak wtih your current Math teacher as a first step. Students who earn a C or lower are not recommended to take two math classes. 

We do not recommend accelerating through the pathways by taking summer classes: either online or in person. You cannot learn, with the same depth and nuance, in 6 weeks, something we take 9 months to do. You may jeopardize your mathmatical future by rushing, and wil not be as well prepared for higher level math courses.

Instead we recommend that you:

  • Enroll in our Computer Science CTE Pathway: AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A; instead of going faster, go deeper.
  • Take an enrichment course over the summer – art, music, sign language etc. These courses will make you a better mathematican and a well rounded human. Speak with your School Counselor for more information!
  • Get a summer job – seriously, you will learn a lot and make a few extra bucks.
  • Have a summer – you have precious few summers in your life. Enjoy them!

If the Math Department approves, and you elect to take geometry over the summer, you must submit a Request for Alternative Credits form to your counselor. If you do not provide transcripts to your counselor by the first day of school in August, you will be enrolled in Geometry at Terra Linda, and may be dropped from Algebra 2.