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Testing: SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP


TL will offer the ACT on campus this year. The SAT will be offered on the San Rafael HS campus.

TL will not offer the PSAT during the 2021-22 school year. 


Prior to the pandemic, many four-year colleges required freshman applicants to take the ACT or SAT. For the class of 2022, many colleges and universities are test optional, or may not even consider test scores if submitted. Check with each prospective college to confirm its testing requirements.

Students who are planning to attend community college after high school are not required to complete the ACT or SAT, but must take placement tests in English and Mathematics at the campus they decide to attend. Please note: placement in community college courses is based on performance in senior year classes. 


University of California test policy

California State University test policy

Fair Test: complete list 1675+ accredited 4-year colleges with test-optional policies, many of which have been test-optional for years.  

FEE WAIVERS: If you are a Senior or Junior who is eligible for a fee waiver for the ACT or SAT, please contact your counselor.  Eligibility for fee waivers is based on family income. 



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