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Other possible opportunities: volunteering (many offsite from Civic Center)

JFCS offers tons of opportunities in many different fields!

Animals, environmental, outdoors

Marin Audubon Society (Corte Madera & Novato)

Marin Humane Society (Novato) (Sausalito)

SurfRider (Larkspur)

WildCare (76 Albert Lark Ln., SR)

Art, museums, media

Marin Art & Garden Center

Building, construction, housing

Habitat for Humanity

Children and youth-related

Walker Creek Ranch

Civic services, gov't, libraries (ages 18+)

Marin Center/Marin County Fair

Education & tutoring

Canal Alliance 

100 Words (raise $ to help end global poverty, by letting children from around the world tell their own stories)

Healthcare & hospitals

Kaiser Permanente

Marin General Hospital

Meal programs and shelters

St. Vincent De Paul Society (820 B St., SR)


Marin County Congressperson Jared Huffman

Senior citizens and services

Sunrise Senior Living

Whistlestop Marin

Miss Nicky's preschool is looking for volunteers.  She is very interested in students who need service hours. 



Welcome to Terra Linda High School's webpage for volunteering, equity, social justice, and activism opportunities!  Here, you will find ways to get involved with your local community, and help others! 

Here is the link to record your hours!

Due to COVID-19, while many volunteer organizations are temporarily closed, many other opportunities have sprung up.  And an excellent California organization based in the Bay Area, TeensVolunteer, has been created to bring high school students together for hundreds of these opportunities, so check out their excellent website!  

Naturally, ask your parents for permission first, if any of these will require leaving your home solo, and/or contact with the public.  Practice good hygiene, maintain proper physical distancing at all times, and wear masks and/or gloves as required.  You can also do many of these activities with one of your parents!  

The following are articles about mostly Bay Area (though some others from around the country) teens (and some slightly younger or older) helping their communities and making positive change!

Bay Area Teens Led Campaign to Stop Sexual Harassment on Public Transit (Teen Vogue, May 6)

Should Young Americans Be Required to Give a Year of Service? (May 1, New York Times)

The exchange project uniting young Americans during the pandemic (April 13, BBC)

Thirteen-Year-Old Fashion Designer Ashlyn So is Fighting For AAPI History to Be Taught in School (March 31, Seventeen)

At 20-Years-Old, Nupol Kiazolu Has Already Organized Hundreds of Marches. She’s Just Getting Started. (Feb. 26, Seventeen)

People are struggling to get vaccine appointments. A 14-year-old stepped in to help. (Feb. 24, Washington Post)

Innovative 10-year-old creates 'stick library' for local dogs (Feb. 22, CNN)

* Marin County Students Preparing Civic Art Exhibit (Feb. 6, Marin IJ)

* LAHS students offer free environmental sustainability course (Feb. 3, Los Altos Online)

* Local Girl Scouts Honored For Service (Feb. 3, Los Altos Online)

These New York City Teens Are Fighting for Equality in Education (Feb. 3, Seventeen)

* Local Teen's Website Encourages Sustainability (Feb. 2, Los Altos Online)

Redwood runner Grace fundraising to provide masks for teachers (Jan. 26, Marin IJ)

'I'm 12, I've Raised $50,000 for a Homeless Man Who Returned My Grandma's Wallet' (Jan. 15, Newsweek)

Marin brothers’ song speaks to how pandemic is affecting youths (Jan. 14, Marin IJ)

Crystal Spring Uplands School student's jazz concerts help elderly during isolation of COVID-19 (Jan. 13, San Mateo Daily Journal)

A high school student and her brother are helping seniors feel less lonely with notes and care packages (Jan. 9, CNN)

With Control of the U.S. Senate on the Line, Young Georgians Could Be Key (Jan. 4, Chronicle of Higher Education)

Belmont Girl Scouts spreading kindness to their community (Jan. 4, San Mateo Daily Journal)

Student Journalists Are Fighting for Protection After Covering the Crises of 2020 (Dec. 30, Teen Vogue)

Scouts find innovative ways to give back amid pandemic (Dec. 30, Los Altos Town Crier)

'I'm 11, I Started a Cake Baking Business During The Pandemic' (Dec. 30, Newsweek)

Rhode Island Progressives Won Big in 2020 With Help From Youth Activists (Dec. 29, Teen Vogue)

Novato students’ mural offers downtown uplift (Dec. 27, Marin IJ)

This California teen started a nonprofit to help kids learn about science. He just got accepted into Stanford (Dec. 25, CNN)

Two kids from Woodside lead cleanup on Skyline Boulevard (Dec. 25, San Mateo Daily Journal)

High schoolers passionate about local journalism team up to start regional, independent publication (Dec. 24, Palo Alto Online)

Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, announces winner of the 18th Congressional District App Challenge (Dec. 23, San Mateo Daily Journal)

Homestead High School juniors launch startup for pet owners (Dec. 23, Los Altos Online)

* Half Moon Bay Hangs Flag For Peace (Dec. 21, San Mateo Daily Journal)

Branson students to offer free translation services (Dec. 19, Marin IJ)

Georgia’s Runoff Elections Could Come Down to 23,000 Newly 18-Year-Old Voters (Dec. 15, Seventeen)

10-year-old's Italian dinner kits feed the needy, foster community bonds (Dec. 12, Palo Alto Online)

The Georgia Runoffs Are Drawing Thousands of Young Volunteers (Dec. 10, Teen Vogue)

* Five Among First Female Eagle Scouts (Dec. 5, San Mateo Daily Journal)

Ignored and Ridiculed, She Wages a Lonesome Climate Crusade (Dec. 4, New York Times)

* Meet TIME's First-Ever Kid of the Year (Dec. 3, Time)

MVHS junior starts nonprofit to aid mental, physical health (Dec. 2, Los Altos Online)

Local students perform on NPR’s ‘From the Top’ (Dec. 2, Los Altos Online)

* Los Altos Teen Becomes Published Author (Dec. 2, Los Altos Online)

* Among the Many Volunteers Deserving of Thanks, This High School Student Is a Standout (Nov. 26, LA Times)

Teen Vogue’s 21 Under 21, 2020: The Girls and Femmes Building a Better Future (Nov. 24, Teen Vogue)

Volunteering can give kids purpose in uncertain times — and there are still ways to do it (Nov. 16, Washington Post)

Oakland Students Won the Right to Vote in School Board Elections (Nov. 16, Teen Vogue)

Los Altos High School senior publishes plant-based cookbook (Nov. 10, Los Altos Online)

Forget civics class: students want to make a difference in real life (Oct. 30, The Hechinger Report)

I Can’t Vote Yet, But Here's How I'm Using My Voice to Create Change (October 30, Seventeen)

SF-Marin Food Bank seeks volunteers amid pandemic demand (Oct. 23, Marin IJ)

With video calls and an army of volunteers, this 15-year-old is battling pandemic loneliness in nursing homes (Oct. 13, Washington Post)

Notre Dame-Belmont High School student's political interest turns into action (Sept, 28, San Mateo Daily Journal)

Quannah Chasinghorse Is Fighting to Save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Sept. 22, Teen Vogue)

‘Adults are asleep at the wheel’ in climate crisis, says co-founder of youth-led activist group (Sept. 22, Washington Post)

This 19-Year-Old Moved to New Orleans For the Summer to Rebuild Homes and Feed the Community (Seventeen, Sept. 22)

* How 2 Teens Are Saving Their City's Bees (Sept. 16, Huffington Post)

* A Conversation With a Teenage Poll Worker (Sept. 14, Slate)

Los Altos resident’s girls coding competition held online this year (Sept. 9, 2020)

Teen Art Councils Are Pushing for Change in Prestigious Museums (Sept. 3, Teen Vogue)

What a 16-Year-Old Learned in Three Months of Portland Protests (Sept. 3, New York Times)

High school volunteer hosts virtual fundraiser for Hope’s Corner (Sept. 2, Los Altos Online)

Teen siblings send cards thanking health care worker heroes (August 31, San Mateo Daily Journal)

Los Angeles teens teach virtual music lessons to children in local communities (August 26, LA Times)

Their school refused to require masks, but bans spaghetti straps. These girls protested — and won. (August 25, The Lily/Washington Post)

Fairfax teen activist leads tree-planting movement in Africa (August 22, Marin IJ)

Los Altos student combines love of math and art by forming Mathemartist (August 18, Los Altos Online)

Students deliver food and smiles to area hospitals (August 18, Los Altos Online)

These Teens Are Leading the Fight to Lower the Voting Age (August 13, Teen Vogue)

The Radical Monarchs Troop Are Redefining What Scouting Means (August 13, Teen Vogue)

Students’ tutoring project goes global (August 12, Los Altos Online)

Palo Alto teen starts music organization for COVID-19 relief (August 3, Palo Alto Online)

Marin students join virus mask advocacy campaign (July 29, Marin IJ)

Local teens tackle technological illiteracy (July 29, Los Altos Town Crier)

MVHS club raises money for pandemic relief (July 29, Los Altos Town Crier)

Blach student’s summer research project addresses pandemic’s impact on teenagers (July 29, Los Altos Town Crier)

Marin City school children march for social justice (July 28, Marin IJ)

* How Students Are Using Social Media to Expose Racism (July 27, Cosmopolitan)

8 Things Teen Girl Activists Want You To Know About Their Pandemic Life (July 20, NPR)

Four California teens create Covid-19 coloring book for children and raise money for charity (July 18, CNN)

Larkspur teen launches juggling challenge for charity (July 13, Marin IJ)

* Gunn HS Seniors create QuaranTEEN site to connect teens during pandemic (July 9, Los Altos Online)

Western Ballet dancer makes mask kits for seniors (July 8, Los Altos Online)

* Los Altos High School student promotes power of STEM (July 8, Los Altos Online)

* How stay-at-home orders led a teen to activism (July 6, Marin IJ)

* Teen tutoring program popular amid pandemic: local students offering free lessons to help in challenging time (July 6, San Mateo Daily Journal)

* Local Students Start "Passion Project" To Teach Kids (July 1, Los Altos Online)

Assisted living home residents are in need of pen pals in this time of isolation (July 1, CNN)

* Michigan 9-Year-Old Has Sewn And Donated More Than 500 Masks During The Pandemic (June 30, Washington Post)

These Teen Girls Are Fighting For A More Just Future (June 26, New York Times)

How a Group of New Jersey Teens Started an Effective Social Movement From an Instagram Poll (June 26, Seventeen)

* Marin's younger generation leads calls for racial justice (June 23, Marin IJ)

* MVLA activist group holds Juneteenth event in Mountain View (June 19, Los Altos Online)

* High School Students and Alumni Are Using Social Media to Expose Racism (June 16, New York Times)

These Kids Are Done Waiting For Change (June 15, New York Times)

* San Mateo County youth use their voices to advocate for change (June 13, San Mateo Daily Journal)

* Teen girls organized Nashville’s largest protest. They joined a long history of black women activists. (June 8, The Lily)

* A 9-Year-Old And her Friends Raised $40,000 For Black-Owned Businesses By Selling Homemade Bracelets (June 8, The Washington Post)

* Spirit of activism spurs teen to launch Black Lives Matter protest in East Palo Alto (June 4, Palo Alto Online)

* LAHS students offer educational activities for elementary students (June 3, Los Altos Online)

Local students create initiatives to connect with senior residents (June 3, Los Altos Online)

11 Online Volunteer Opportunities So You Can Make a Difference This Summer (June 2, Seventeen)

* A 15-Year-Old's Petition For George Floyd Is The Biggest One In History (June 1, Seventeen)

* Teens Are Helping Their Family Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic (May 28, Teen Vogue)

* Novato High School seniors organize blood drive (May 26, Marin IJ)

Summer jobs for teens are scarce, but a little boredom has its benefits (May 24, Washington Post)

Student launches website connecting consumers with mask makers (May 20, Los Altos Online)

* A 15-year-old is dropping off puzzles and handwritten notes at nursing homes to cheer up residents (May 4, CNN)

My Roommate And I Made An App To Help Essential Workers Desperate For Supplies (April 30, Huffington Post)

* People across the country are delivering groceries free. It’s ‘solidarity, not charity.’ (April 27, Washington Post)

* Mid-peninsula students aid community in quests for food donations, face masks (April 27, Palo Alto Online)

* Be a Friend to the Elderly, Get Paid (April 23, New York Times)

* provide technological assistance to those who need it (hotspots, wi-fi, devices), especially kids who need them for school: help bridge the digital divide!

     - When ‘back to school’ means a parking lot and the hunt for a WiFi signal (August 27, Washington Post)

     - Doing Schoolwork in the Parking Lot Is Not a Solution (July 18, New York Times)

     - Two LAUSD students sharing a cellphone to find math quizzes? That’s not school (May 10, LA Times)

* plant gardens

* do yardwork, painting, or other outdoor projects for neighbors

* serve food to the needy

* make coloring books for younger relatives

* make helpful video compilations like this student did with 300 students and other musicians from around their state