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Work Permits, Jobs, Careers


Many students graduate from high school, and directly enter the workforce!

Countless careers exist: automotive, carpenter, construction, cosmetology, electricians, firefighters, HVAC, landscapers, painters, plumbers, police officers, roofers, and more!

A great place to begin, is the California Apprenticeship Coordinators Association

Marin County Firefighters and Firefighter Paramedics

Law enforcement: 

Marin County Sheriff

San Rafael Police

California Highway Patrol

all law enforcement links (Marin County Sheriff, SRPD, CHP, and all Marin police departments

Work Permits and Jobs: 

Contact Ms. Tremolada for help obtaining a work permit:  here is the application for the work permit

General guidelines:

* 16-17 years old:

- 4 hours per day on a school day

- 8 hours/day on non-school days 

- 48 hours per week

- Hours: 5am-10pm


* 14-15 years old:

- 3 hours/day on a school day

- 8 hours/day on a non-school day

- 18 hours per week max

- Hours:7am-7pm,


* Under 14 years old

Labor laws generally prohibit employment of children under 14, except for agricultural work, domestic work, and the entertainment industry

Details here!