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Contact Rob Celli  Rob Celli Assistant Principal
Contact Katy Dunlap  Katy Dunlap Principal
Contact Lauren Inman  Lauren Inman Assistant Principal
Special Services
Contact Steve Farbstein  Steve Farbstein Athletic Director
Contact Vicki Knell  Vicki Knell (415) 492-3115 Attendance Clerk
Contact Ann Marie Sachetti  Ann Marie Sachetti (415) 492-3110 ex: 3110 Data Processor
Department Chairs
Contact Keith Fleming  Keith Fleming Teacher
Contact Tina Gonzalez-Mohn  Tina Gonzalez-Mohn Teacher
Contact Chelsy Newton  Chelsy Newton Teacher
Contact Allison Oropallo  Allison Oropallo Teacher
Contact Amy Reid  Amy Reid Teacher
Contact Kendra Rose  Kendra Rose Teacher
Contact Erik Schoengart  Erik Schoengart Teacher
Contact Craig Taylor  Craig Taylor Teacher
Contact Daniel Thomson  Daniel Thomson Teacher
Administrative Staff
Contact Carmen Puga  Carmen Puga Assistant Principal's Secretary
Contact Lynn Tremolada  Lynn Tremolada Principal's Secretary


Principal and Assistant Principals

               Katy Dunlap: Principal                       Rob Celli: Assistant Principal                 Lauren Inman: Assistant Principal

                                                                                         Student Caseload A - K                              Student Caseload L - Z