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Course Selection


PLEASE NOTE: the information below will be updated for the 2020-21 course selection process



Counselors visited Davidson, Venetia Valley and Miller Creek during the month of February, and will enter course requests received during that time-frame.  Incoming 9th grade students from other middle schools should register through the SRCS District.  


Freshman Course Selection 




Counselors conducted guidance activities in classrooms 1/28-2/4 by grade level to discuss course selection and four year planning utilizing the Aeries Academic Plan.  The deadline for students to submit course requests via their Academic Plans and to submit Honors/AP Contracts was 2/15.  Students should reach out to their counselors if they have follow-up questions/concerns.  Counselors will be finalizing course requests through the month of March.  


PowerPoint presentation shared with students in classroom presentations

Parent Letter Introducing Academic Plan


Future Sophomore Course Selection 

Future Junior Course Selection 

Future Senior Course Selection

AP/Honors Matrix  |  AP Course Descriptions from College Board

AP/Honors Contract (required in order to register for AP/HP courses) due 2/15

Electives List 

Math Options & Placement Information

GAME Pathway  |  GAME Pathway Information  

ROP Medical Assisting Application  Attend ROP Information Night: 2/13 @ 5:30p 

TLHS Curriculum Guide

TLHS Curriculum Guide Spanish