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« Honors Math Placement Testing has completed! «
(Current TL Students Only)

Honors Courses offered in 2021-2022: 
Honors Algebra 2
Honors Alg 2/Honors Pre-Calculus Dual Course (junior course only)
Honors Pre-Calculus

Nice work, Mathematicians!


What happens next?

  • Your schedule for the 2021-2022 school year will be sent out the week of April 19th.  Verify you have been scheduled for the correct course.
  • Stay fresh on your skills!  Current Alg 2 students: remember, your test didn't contain all topics due to the 4x4 schedule.  Make sure you are familiar with ALL of the skills in your study guide below before entering Honors Pre-Calculus next year.

Honors Alg 2 & Dual Course Study Guide
Honors PreCalculus Study Guide



How are Honors courses different?

            Do you love the elegance of mathematics? Does it make you happy that there is always more than one way to approach a math problem and yet the answer should make sense from every angle?  Do you love being given something to ponder, without always being told what the answer is? So do we!  And an Honors math class might be right for you.

            Honors classes are ideal for students that love challenging mathematics course work and can justify their solutions to math problems clearly with words, diagrams, equations, and graphs.  The pace is faster and the problems are more challenging. These students are expected to spend an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour nightly on homework, projects, and other supplemental work.  Students are expected to show perseverance in solving complex problems.  Students especially interested in a STEM career should consider enrolling in Honors.

Who can sign up for Honors math courses?

            Honors math courses are open to everyone!  All students MUST take a placement exam prior to entry (study materials can be found below).  The math department will make a recommendation about the most appropriate course level based on the results of the placement exam.  Students who are not recommended to the honors course based on test score may still choose to take the course and will receive remediation information and support form the math department.  In those instances, a waiver process must be followed.  

You can contact the math department chair, Mrs. Reid (, or your math teacher if you have questions about this process.



Thank you, Math 8 students! 


Thank you to all the Math 8 students who completed their Desmos placement test!  You can stay fresh on your skills for next year using the worksheet found HERE.


Did you miss the Math 8 placement test?  Contact department chair Mrs. Reid:



Trojan Tutoring

Need hep in Algebra 1, Geometry, or Algebra 2?  Your fellow Trojans are here to help you with peer tutoring!

  • *When?  Mondays from 10 - 10:30am
  • *How do I join?  See your teacher's Canvas Homepage for a zoom link or email Mrs. Reid (
  • *Do I need to sign up ahead of time?  Nope!  Just join the zoom link from your srcs account and you'll be matched with a tutor.



Agnew, Morgan                Statistics & Probability, AP Computer Science Principles

Anderson, Michael           Algebra B SDAIE, Algebra 2

Foster, Hallie                     Geometry, Algebra A
(Clark, Stella)

Kenzy, Leah                       Honors Geometry

Lawrence, Kathryn           Algebra 1, Algebra 2 HP, ASB

Marweg, Caitlin                 Algebra 1, Honors PreCalculus

McCarthy, Jim                    Intermediate Algebra 2, PreCalculus, AP Calculus AB

Millerick, Melissa               Algebra B, Algebra 2 HP/PreCalculus HP Block

Reid, Amy                            Algebra A SDAIE, Algebra Readiness, AP Statistics

Wilson, Timothy                 Algebra A SDAIE, Geometry


Trojan math icon


The Mathematics Department at Terra Linda offers a variety of courses designed to meet each student’s needs and ability. 

  • Algebra Readiness (Course for English Learners only; supports given to become grade-level proficient)
  • Algebra A (1st Semester of Algebra 1, taken freshman year)
  • Algebra B  (2nd Semester of Algebra 1, taken sophomore year)
  • Algebra 1  (Full course offered in 1 year)
  • Geometry (Full year Geometry course)
  • Intermediate Algebra 2 (2nd year UC Algebra course for non-math/science pathway; Seniors have priority enrollment)
  • Algebra 2 (2nd year UC Algebra course)
  • Algebra 2 Honors (2nd year UC Algebra course for Calculus pathway)
  • Algebra 2 Honors/Pre-Calculus Honors Double-Block Course (Exclusively for Juniors entering Algebra 2 interested in Calculus pathway; course requires 2 periods of math in scheduling, one odd period and one even period).
  • Pre-Calculus (Intended for STEM or non-STEM majors. May be a terminal course; can also serves as an alternative to Statistics) 
  • Pre-Calculus Honors (Intended for STEM majors and students who will be taking Calculus)
  • Statistics (Emphasis on probability and hands-on activities)
  • AP Calculus (Advanced Placement in College level Calculus AB course)
  • AP Statistics (Advanced Placement in College level Statistics course)

Students should earn a C- or higher in the prerequisite course in order to advance.  More information about prerequisites can be found in the Terra Linda Curriculum Guide on the Counseling page.   


Sample Math sequences at TLHS


Example 1:

Algebra A → Algebra B → Geometry  → Intermediate Algebra 2

Example 2:

Algebra 1 → Geometry  → Algebra 2  → Statistics or Pre-Calculus

Example 3:

Geometry → Honors Algebra 2 → Honors Pre-Calculus → Calculus AB or AP Statistics

Example 4:

Algebra 1 → Geometry  → Alg 2 Honors/Pre-Calc Honors Double-Block → Calculus AB or AP Statistics

Example 5:

Algebra Readiness → Algebra A SDAIE → Algebra B SDAIE → Geometry

Free Math Tutoring on hold during distance learning

Free tutoring will be available upon our return

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 3:45 - 5pm

Where: TL Library


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