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Aeries Parent & Student Portal

We strongly urge parents and students to monitor academic progress via Aeries parent/student portal.  In our new distance learning environment, teachers are primarily using Canvas to update student gradebooks.

Please call 415.492.3102 or email for assistance logging in.  

If you have a question about your student's grades, or questions about content and/or curriculum in a specific class, please contact your student's teacher/s as a first step.


Progress Reports & Grading Periods 2020-21

FALL SEMESTER:  Term 1 ends October 23| Term 2 ends Jan 14

SPRING SEMESTER:  Term 3 ends March 26 | Term 4 ends June 10

This year, TL is utilizing a 4 x 4 block schedule. Grades and credits are assessed at the end of each term (similar to semester credits and grades in a traditional schedule). These end-of-term grades and credits become part of each student's permanent transcript, and will determine eligibility for graduation and college eligibility. Students take one set of classes for the fall semester, and move to new classes in the spring semester. 


Athletic eligibility is determined at four points throughout the year: 1st quarter, fall semester, 3rd quarter, and spring semester.