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All ACT and SAT administrations at Terra Linda High School for the foreseeable future are canceled, due to the pandemic, in order to protect the health and safety of student test-takers coming from a multi-county area throughout the state, proctors and other school employees, and their family and friends.  We will post information here when we are able to resume safely.  We thank you for your understanding.  TLHS students, your counselors and the CCC/College and Career Center staff are here to help you with your college list and applications; you will still have plenty of excellent choices!

Interested in College of Marin courses?  Click here to see what's available, and register!  Areas include Behavioral Sciences, Anthropology, American Sign Language, Political Science, Dance, Voice, Chamber Singers, Watercolor, Sculpture, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Geology, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, Multi Media, Health Sciences, Cyber-security, Administration of Justice, Auto, Communication/Film/Video, and Astronomy.

CCC newsletters archive/ Archivo de CCC/Boletines informativo

March/enero 2021


February/febrero 2021, 


January/enero 2021, 


December/diciembre 2020, English/Español

November/noviembre 2020, English/Español

CCC/College & Career Center, college fairs, essay/app workshops, admissions rep visits

(above, new TL Student Commons, home of CCC/counseling new space!)

I have online open office hours Mondays, for students & parents

* 1-2pm for students

* 6-7pm for parents

There is no formal agenda for these times.  Rather, I'll have an open room for general discussion, as well as a breakout room for any quick, more personal questions regarding your or your child's college search & application process!    
Zoom link:

Seniors, please update your college results in Scoir!  This will help us help you, and the scattergrams your application results generate will provide great help to juniors and sophomores as they begin their own college searches!  Thanks!  

Seniors/College of Marin: 

Click here to apply! Be sure to complete your application as soon as you can, and complete the online orientation.

Upcoming info/app/registration sessions: 

* with Brad, April 19, 1:30-2:00pm

Meeting ID: 999 625 1238
Passcode: 028734

* with CoM counselors on April 26 and May 17, both 12:30-2pm! 

Juniors/parents: our financial aid partner 10,000 Degrees is now accepting applications for the Class of 2022!  10KD provides FREE, intensive financial aid and college application support, starting with workshops in spring of junior year, and continuing through your college graduation!  This includes a summer 2021 intensive, a virtual summer camp where students get to explore what life is like for a college student through a series of workshops and cohort bonding activities. There is no minimum GPA to apply, and all that is needed is demonstrated financial need.  The priority deadline to apply is March 12; click here for the application!

11th grade College Night (Jan. 20, 2021) presentation, English/español

latest CCC newsletter: April/abril 2021, English/Español


April 19, 2pm = UC PIQ workshop #1, for Class of 2022

Meeting ID: 999 625 1238
Passcode: 028734

April 19-23 = Latino Family Educational Summit/college planning

April 26, 10:30am-2:00pm = CTE Fair with San Rafael HS

April 26, 2pm = Common Application workshop #2, for Class of 2022

May 1 = College Decision Day, for seniors attending 4-year colleges

May 3-7, May 10-14 = AP exam weeks

May 17 = UC PIQ workshop #2, for Class of 2022

May, TBA = Class of 2021 college results presentation

May, TBA = TLC/Terra Linda College lunchtime topic series #1

May 24 = Common Application workshop #3, for Class of 2022

May 29-31 = Memorial Day weekend

June 10 = last day of classes

June 15-17 = general college application & essay bootcamp

August 1 = UC application opens, Class of 2022

August, 3 days, TBA = general college application & essay bootcamp

early- to mid-September, TBA = 12th grade College Night

August-December = college application & essay workshops, weekly

TL's CCC/College and Career Center is staffed by Brad Ward (pronouns she/her/hers).

Brad is in her 21st year in college counseling (14 years at high schools) and college admissions (7 years in college-based admissions), has visited over 300 colleges, and does so regularly.  She recently served on the Executive Board and as a committee chair for the WACAC professional association for college counselors and college admissions reps, and has been a volunteer and presenter/speaker for both WACAC and NACAC (the national professional association) for nearly 15 years. 

Brad handles the various aspects of TL students’ college search and application process, such as:

* building college lists

* reading applications and essays

* assisting with financial aid and scholarships

* composing a resumé

* preparing for interviews

She is also responsible for outreach to and other communications with colleges, data analytics of TL student college applications via Scoir, CCC newsletters, and managing the CCC website.

Additionally, Brad coordinates CTE/Career and Technical Education (including the annual Career and Technical Education college fair), work permits, volunteering opportunities, and works with students who are not planning on attending college (such as entering the military, or going directly from TL into work).

Students and parents should feel free to email Brad ( for assistance!

College admissions rep visits

* college admissions reps, you can schedule visits to TL through Scoir!  Just pick your date and time!

* TL students & parents: you can access the schedule through your Scoir account!



Scoir (pronounced "score") is TL's college counseling platform!

Scoir will allow you to:

* search for colleges, based on factors important to you (size, setting, geography, majors and minors, etc), which I and your counselor can view too, as well as their admission rates, financial aid information, and a link to GoogleMaps!

* look at scattergrams, to provide you the most accurate assistance in helping determine Reach, Target, and Likely based on prior TL applicants to your colleges, based on your TL GPA, and potentially ACT/SAT if you take one

* keep a record of your prospective college list

* maintain your list of active applications, as well as their type of application plan (Early Action, Early Decision, Rolling, Regular Decision) and deadlines

* track your application results, which will greatly help us, as well as students in future TL classes!  (seniors' application results will generate scattergrams; your results are anonymous, so no one will know your individual results, and only when there are 10+ application decisions, will a college's application history for TL be displayed)

* watch official Admissions videos produced by colleges (including virtual tours!), as well as view colleges' official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts!

* easily compare up to 4 of your final colleges you've been admitted to, side-by-side, as you make your final decision by May 1

* make appointments with me, and view my schedule

* view the schedule of, be notified of your favorites, and register for college admissions rep visits to TL next September and October

* view the name and email address of our admissions reps at each college

* apply directly to the UC's, CSU's, and community colleges via their websites

* know where TL alums have attended in the most recent 4 years, in case you want to reach out to them to see what their experience has been (TL grads who give us approval to share where they went)

complete helpful surveys and questionnaires from the counseling and CCC

* take a free assessment to receive a detailed report on your talents, link them to potential careers, and save related majors and colleges

We may also be using Scoir next fall to send your application materials to colleges - counselor rec, transcript, teacher recs and TL school profile - from one place, instead of your having to request all of these from so many separate websites, like all of the Common App colleges, and then non-Common App's like MIT, Georgetown, Washington, Texas, Boise St., Hawai’i, Northern Arizona, Western Washington, Southern Oregon, Utah State, and so forth. Big time-saver!

Scoir also has a free app!  This way, you can do everything from your phone, if you do not have a laptop or other device handy. Download from the App Store at any time!

Parents, you also have your own account, linked to your child's!

Seniors, juniors, and sophomores, to open your account for the first time, simply click here, then the "Login" button at the upper right, and then enter your TL email address.  

Seniors, the California community college application (College of Marin, Santa Rosa JC, City College of San Francisco, Skyline, etc) is open!  The deadline is the summer of 2021, though please do so by May!

College fairs! (all online & free!)

April 10, 12-4pm = NACAC

April 14, 4:00-7:45pm = RACC/Regional Admissions Officers of California (out-of-state colleges with reps based in California!)

April 18, 1pm-5pm = College Board, colleges in the Midwest

April 19, 4pm-8pm = WACAC

April 28, 4:00-7:45pm = RACC/Regional Admissions Officers of California (out-of-state colleges with reps based in California!)

April 29, 2pm-6pm = College Board, colleges in the South/Southeast

May 2, 2021, 10am-4pm = NACAC

May 3, 3:30-5pm = 4 Colorado colleges (Colorado-Boulder, Colorado State, Colorado School of Mines, U of Denver)

(NACAC = National Association for College Admissions Counseling; WACAC = Western Association for College Admissions Counseling.  These are the major professional associations for college counselors and college admissions officers; both organizations' fairs are excellent, with colleges from California, all around the country, and even some other countries!)


College admissions in the news:

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College Acceptances