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Daily Bulletin




There is no student senate today, we will see you next 4th period tutorial!

GSA is meeting currently in room 411.


A Message from Principal Dunlap:

There has been a large amount of vandalism and theft in our student bathrooms. We attribute these acts to a recent Tik Tok trend, Devious Licks.  While Tik Tok glorifies these acts, the impact to our campus has not been glorious. Participating in acts such as vandalism and stealing are violations of the California Education Code and will result in the corresponding consequences. Although we believe that there is a small number of students participating in the damage, it will take all of us to stop it. We all share a responsibility to take care of our campus and ensure that it is clean and safe. If you see or hear of any vandalism you should immediately report it to an adult. 

Additional garbage cans have been added to the Student Commons courtyard as well as the building and students are expected to keep the area clean and throw away food after eating. 

Thank you for your help


Token update: 1 Junior token was found yesterday

Sophomores are in the lead with 6 tokens left

Seniors and Freshmen are tied at 4 each

Juniors are in last place with 3 tokens , but there is still time! The game ends after 4th period. 


Congratulations to Sarah Gershik and Matteo Pattani for winning our spirit boxes!


Make sure to head up to the upper fields at lunch for the announcement of the winner of Knock out. The entire class will win a special treat!! We will be recognizing Fall sports with a fun rally game. See you there!!!


College Rep Visits Today:

Willamette University will be doing a virtual visit today at 10:20am. CSU San Marcos will also be doing a virtual visit today at lunch. All links to the visits can be found on the counseling website. 


Today is the last day to turn in your CSF paperwork to Ms. Frack in room 201.  No late paperwork will be accepted.


Spanish students, if you are interested in joining Spanish Honor society, please come to room 402 on Wednesday during 6th period tutorial.  Make sure to get your tutorial page signed ahead of time.  Just as a reminder, you must be in Spanish 3 or higher.


Attention Trojans wanting to get involved: Club day is Friday Oct. 1st at lunch in the new courtyard. If you have a previous club that you wish to continue or a new club, please visit and fill out the google form. This link can also be found through QR codes posted around the school. The deadline to fill out this form is Thursday September 23rd, a week before club day.

Want to try your hand at acting, writing, directing, or technical theater? This October the TL Drama Department will hold its first ever 24-hour play festival. Students will have one day to write, rehearse, and present original ten-minute plays. After school workshops will begin next week. Come to the Black Box Theater today or Monday at lunch for information, or see Mr. Pryor.



The daily bulletin provides important information about student activities, athletics, school deadlines, contest or scholarship opportunities, and college representative visits. The daily bulletin will be read during the announcement period before 3rd period Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Wednesday and Friday before tutorial 

If students miss the reading of the daily bulletin it will be posted here. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with the information contained in the daily bulletin.