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Counseling & Tutoring Resources

Tutoring Resources

Please note that Terra Linda High School does not endorse specific tutors or tutorial programs. We strongly recommend that you contact tutors directly for references. 

Tutoring at TL: Students can seek support from their teachers outside of class, or can complete this tutoring request form to request tutoring (for those seeking tutoring, and for students who want to provide tutoring). 

Educators in Private Practice: a non-profit organization that consists of credentialed teachers and educational specialists who provide private tutoring services in Marin County.

Sparknotes: Study guides and test preparation

Brightstorm: Free online Math, SAT, ACT, and AP prep.

Khan Academy: Free online Math, SAT, ACT, and AP prep.

Counseling Resources

See our Mental Health Resources page in the Students section for more information about student mental health resources at Terra Linda. 

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